"We absolutely loved the energy and passion Chris brought to selling our home. We had our home listed with another agent for over 100+ days and received NO offers. Chris came to us with a fresh, new creative Marketing plan that exposed our home to more qualified buyers. We received 3 total offers within 17 days while achieving our full asking price. We can't say enough about his passion, commitment, creativity and ability to find solutions to any problem."

W. Fay Jr.

"I have known and worked with Chris over the past 15 years. Chris is an outstanding person, father and business professional. He’s loyal, committed, passionate, goal oriented and driven. He deeply values personal and trusted relationships. In addition, he always has a goal and target in mind and looks to drive the maximum results."

Maria B.

"For over 10 years I have known and worked with Chris (CK) on a variety of marketing projects during which time I’ve know him to be highly organized and responsive with a focus on completing tasks successfully. Both in and out of the office, CK possesses a positive and infectious personality with a unique gift for cultivating long lasting relationships. Given the opportunity, he will be a valuable partner in any venture."

Melissa C.

"I have known Chris (aka CK) for over a decade. We worked together in multiple capacities and feel that I have a great understanding of who he is a person. CK is loyal, hardworking, trustworthy, diligent and attentive. His attention to detail is spot on and he sincerely cares about each and every project he takes on. CK has a rare quality of being both a numbers guy as well as having tremendous creative and trend-relevant intuition. CK will flat out get it done for you."

Mike F.

"I’ve known CK for 15 years and seen firsthand how his unmatched work ethic, creativity, and ability to create instant rapport to build long term value are the foundation of his success. CK is resilient and finds new ways where others find “dead ends.” His charisma and integrity are unmatched and I know I can rely on CK to always deliver results."

Jim D.

"It’s a pleasure and privilege for me to say a few words bout my good friend, Chris Kerr. I have known CK for about 12 years as he was my next door neighbor. To me CK is a true professional. He is bright, articulate and from my observations possess the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Having been in numerous social settings with Chris, having played golf with him (WOW! What a great golfer!) and having had many business conversations with him. Bottom line - CK is a most impressive individual. I truly enjoy his company, he is a good friend, a very caring individual with sound and grounded personal values. CK in my opinion is a winner."

Alan G.

"I worked with Chris on numerous projects and really enjoyed every step of the process. His adaptability, conviction and sincerity are refreshing. He is a trustworthy and transparent communicator. I would work with CK again.... any time."

Jay H.

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