So, you’re in the market to either buy, sell or invest in real estate in 2021. How do you determine which agency or agent is the best fit for you and your needs? 

With continued advances in technology, our society moves more and more quickly. As a result, the bigger, faster choices, like large real estate brokerage firms that churn and burn, can certainly fulfil the need for instant gratification; but, are they most effective?

While this option may have some initial appeal, it’s not always the right choice for everyone. As an attractive alternative, small boutique agencies, like Waterfront Realty,  service all home styles & price points with a specialized focus on culture, customer service, and professionalism while providing creative solutions to win on your behalf. 

Four Reasons Why A Boutique Agency Is a Better Fit For You
  1. Local Experts. It's important your agent is a local expert. Partnering with a smaller boutique ensures that agents have local knowledge and eliminates the potential for costly mistakes when buying or selling a home. We know everything from local businesses, schools, governments, neighborhoods, recreation activities, beaches, mooring rights & much more.
  2. Community 1st. Smaller boutique agencies establish deep roots within the community. Most agents live within the local community and develop a partnership with the school system, local businesses, emergency response departments and neighborhood groups.  
  3. Quality vs Quantity. Boutique agencies typically provide outstanding customer support. They focus on the quality of the transaction vs the quantity. At Waterfront Realty Group, we service each transaction with a strong focus on the client – NOT the betterment of the company or brand. 
  4. Marketing Matters. Boutique agencies often are able to specialize their marketing campaigns and executions — whereas large corporate firms have to follow national guidelines hindering creativity. This might be the most important distinction, especially in this competitive market. Creativity allows our agents to tailor every approach to maximize results for our clients. 

I know what you’re thinking…. CK, you work for Waterfront Realty Group, a boutique agency who specializes in the south shore communities. Of course, you think boutique is a better fit. 

Well, you also know I worked with Fortune 500 companies, so I know the difference between corporate culture and a boutique, entrepreneurial culture. Bigger isn’t always better. Trust me. 


Work With CK

CK offers his global expertise in design, creative thinking and progressive marketing strategies and brings a fresh approach to the real estate business. His hard work ethic and competitive and energetic personality naturally sync with clients in the luxury real estate market.