If you're thinking of selling soon, this article's top 5 tips will help to ensure that you get top dollar for your home.

Seek a Local Expert

Contact a local real estate expert from Waterfront Realty Group. Perhaps your most important asset, a local market expert is key to achieving top dollar. Hint: Don't forget to ask about his or her marketing plan as well. 

Start with… Curb Appeal

First impressions always matter. So if you want to achieve top dollar make sure your home stands out. 

Patch, repair & paint

Repair any blemishes. Add a fresh coat of paint to impress potential buyers. Stay with natural tones. 

Depersonalize, Declutter & Stage

Potential buyers like to envision themselves living in your home. So remove all personal photos and items. Organize and declutter. Stage your home to allow it to shine. Remember: Staging is always cheaper than your 1st price reduction. 

New Lights & Freshly Cleaned

Replace old light bulbs and outdated fixtures. This will add warmth to your home and enhance your marketing photography. Hire a cleaning service to clean your entire home from the baseboards to ceiling fans. 

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Work With CK

CK offers his global expertise in design, creative thinking and progressive marketing strategies and brings a fresh approach to the real estate business. His hard work ethic and competitive and energetic personality naturally sync with clients in the luxury real estate market.